Shopify Setup Terms and Conditions

  • To work on any Phase the client must send us information about the business, products, shipping costs and any other information such as texts and images that the client wants to have in his store. NinjaNutz will not create texts or images for the store.
  • Information about the products must be delivered in a CSV format that will be provided to the client by NinjaNutz. No other formats will be received.
  • Changes allowed during phase 2 are for texts, images, products in specific collections, and adding/deleting/replacing/moving sections in the store from the ones available in the theme chosen by the client.
  • There will not be any editions to code (HTML, Liquid, CSS, JS or any other) unless specifically estipulated within the quote.
  • If the client chooses a paid theme he will have to cover this cost additionally to the setup pricing.
  • Shopify monthly or annual plan and its fees, apps fees, or payment gateway fees are not related in any way to NinjaNutz and must be paid to Shopify in order to run a Shopify store.
  • Some apps may be needed in the store in order to provide a specific functionality. Apps have additional monthly or one time costs. We will let the client know if there is an app needed so he can authorize its integration. Apps are charged by Shopify.
  • For any type of Shopify setup quote, NinjaNutz's work will be limited to the initial and correct configuration of the platform, theme, payment gateways, products, collections, menus, colors, logos, images, email notifications, taxes, checkout, menus, navigation, general configuration and apps. We offer 30 days of tech support for any problem that may arise from our setup. If you contact us within the 30 days, we will fix the problem without an extra cost to you.
  • The client must read Shopify's documentation to learn how to use his store. He can also contact NinjaNutz within 30 days of ending the project to get counseling via email about how to use and manage his store.
  • NinjaNutz will not be responsible for technical, legal, or any other problems from apps, themes or Shopify. None of those are related to NinjaNutz in any way.
  • The client agrees and understands that there may be last minute changes in costs, especially if there are apps that once installed don't provide all the features needed or requested. NinjaNutz will let the client know of any changes that happen and will wait for the client to authorize any change of any app before installing.
  • We don't offer refunds to Shopify setup services.
  • There is a confidentiality agreement and respect of information betweent NinjaNutz and the client, even after the end of the project.
  • If the project was cancelled by the client, NinjaNutz will cease any work immediately and will only deliver what was done until that moment if the client pays the proportional amount of work made until that moment.
  • To initiate any project we will create the client's store from our Shopify Experts account. If the store already exists the subdomain will change by a similar name. This does NOT affect in anyway the way the store works and the visitors of the store will only see the domain. They will never see the subdomain.
  • The store will include the text "Created by NinjaNutz" on the footer.This link redirects to our store. Having this link on your store gives you special pricing for new quotes and services related to your store in the future, as long as the text is not removed from your store. Removing the text will have an extra cost.
  • Our working hours are Monday through Friday, 11 am - 7 pm CST via email or skype with the email
  • We don't do any urgent work. If required, that will be quoted separetely and must be paid before starting work. In these cases, we encourage the client to contact us via skype, to have a faster communication.
  • All delivery times are subject to change and depend on how fast the client provides the information requested by us.
  • If you are eligible for 2 payments: First payment must be made in order to start working on phase 1. Second payment must be made before initiating phase 3 or if 30 natural days have passed since first payment, whichever happens first.
  • Any work or task that is not estipulated within the quote and is later required by the client will generate an extra cost.
  • The client automatically accepts all terms and conditions at the moment of making the first payment via PayPal or any other payment method offered.

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